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Hi, I'm Vanessa!


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I believe spirit communicates with us in the dream world. Spirit has been communicating with me since I was a child. I've had visits from people who have passed, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and received many messages from my spirit team. Spirit offers guidance, all we have to do is be open to hear the messages. I have a unique ability to go into the dream world and ask for guidance on your behalf. 



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"Vanessa has been blessed with a gift. I had several dreams of three individuals but I could not identify them. I asked Vanessa if she would help me find out who they were and what they were trying to tell me. Vanessa was able to connect with my guides. The messages she gave me were simple but when I heard her say those words I was taken back. It was three separate messages that were specific to each of my guides. It felt like someone had opened a door that had been sealed shut. The flood gates were open and everything I was questioning was being answered at that moment. The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders and I felt like I could breath again. The next morning after Vanessa had the dreams and we were discussing the messages, I realized I felt things at the same time she was in the dream. I am so glad I asked Vanessa to help me because my mind was all over the place. She was able to help me dig deep and find what I was struggling with. Vanessa has given me guidance and a sense of peace that I had thought I had lost. She has reunited me with my three guides that were very important people in my life, one being my mother. I've had card readings, oracle readings and the like but nothing has ever come close to this experience. Thank you Vanessa. Keep on dreaming."

-Ann P.

"Vanessa was incredible! I really had no idea about a dream medium and really didn't know what to expect but she explained everything so clearly and is very informative! We had a great conversation about the dreams which was so accurate and bizarre in the best way possible. Really helped me tone everything in to my understanding and enabled me to trust myself more. She has helped me hone into who I am and how I should express myself with no fear. She is incredible and I would 1000% go back!"

-Emma B.


"Vanessa is an absolutely one of a kind person. Her talent should never go underestimated. During her dreams, there was pin points of things that held so close to me, things that no one else knew besides me. She brought me such happiness in so many forms. She is so welcoming, kind, and warm hearted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are amazing with your talent! Forever thankful."

-Alecia F.

"Vanessa is absolutely incredible! I wasn't too sure what to expect with my first session but I felt spiritually drawn to her work and went in with an open mind. The moment she started telling me what she saw, I knew I reached out to her at the right time. I was in such disbelief (in the best way) because I couldn't have imagined it any other way. I knew my guides were looking out for me and were trying to find a way to communicate. Vanessa helped with that communication and validated my emotions. She brought me so much peace and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future."

~Sami K.


"I am extremely happy with the dream reading with Vanessa. She was able to touch on many things that have been happening in my life with family and friends. She was able to give me reassurance I needed to move on my next path! The night she dreamed for me, I was able to sleep so much better than I had been. I will definitely be recommending to my friends!"

-Wendy F.

"Vanessa is such a light! She was able to highlight a BIG theme in my life that I need to focus on healing. Through our discussion, she was able to help me weave together all of the messages to uncover what Spirit was communicating. Her dreams were so spot on to what is going on in my life and I absolutely loved working with her. I highly recommend this reading for anyone looking for messages from their Spirit team!"

-Emily S.

"Vanessa has a truly profound and special gift and she has blessed me with her unique healing abilities in a way that no one has before. I am so grateful to have met her and to have had this energy healing. It is TRULY life-changing and the physical and emotional pain I’ve had weighing on me for years has been lifted and I feel lighter than air! I will definitely be back to do a maintenance session in the upcoming future."

~Katherine G.


"I had a session with Vanessa for a reading . I found her personable and professional in her approach. She was able to drop into and meld with my energy very well. The reading and messages she shared with me during the session were insightful and enlightening to me and have helped me grow and become aware and awake in spirit. She also did a healing using the earth elements in the session using her intuition of what was needed after the energy meld and I felt the effects of the healing process. I'm so thankful for this session. Thank you Vanessa for being willing to share your gifts!"

-Becky T.


"I got my dream reading with Vanessa. I was thrilled that she came with a proper channeled  message which I needed to actually work on. One is being present and second is being fearless. I highly recommend getting dream reading done with Vanessa and get messages from your spirit guides." 

~Komal M.


Vanessa is an extremely gifted psychic healer. She has worked on me several times and each time she has been able to pinpoint areas of concern within my body, and has been able to tell me what to do to help heal me. Once, I told her I needed help with my right knee which I'd been experiencing pain and issues with for a long time. She was able to help me get rid of the pain, and I've been pain free for months now. She has also helped me with low back pain and issues that were due to an accident I was in years ago. Vanessa is extremely gifted and I highly recommend working with her."

-Diana H.

"Vanessa gave me clarity on not only what I asked for (my sleep issue), but she was also able to help me realize what was really going on in my relationship.  Her abilities led me to some pretty big realizations that gave me relief in how I was showing up in relationships, and my sleep issues. I'm grateful and will go to her again."

-Tim M.


"I feel lucky to have shared a space in Vanessa's practice as I am currently working through a big life transition and found her insights both uplifting and tangible. I had never worked with a Dream Medium before, so I didn't know what to expect, but Vanessa took the time to explain the process and then took extra time to discuss the metaphorical and realistic possibilities of each of the dreams. I was also super impressed with her ability to respect boundaries while doing this metaphysical work and would recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate healer's perspective."

-Lily R.

Vanessa The Dream Medium


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