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Vanessa Saldana

The Dream Medium

I believe spirit communicates with us in the dream world. Spirit has been communicating with me since I was a child. I've had visits from people who have passed, angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and received many messages from my spirit team. Spirit offers guidance, all we have to do is be

open to hear the messages. I have a unique ability to go

into the dream world and ask for guidance on your behalf.


My Mediumships

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Spirit Dream Messages

I speak to spirit on your behalf while I'm dreaming. I set an intention with the question you want to be answered, and I go to sleep. Spirit gives me the messages to deliver to you.

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Dream Interpretations

I decipher dreams where we both interpret the dream together. I use my intuition with your meanings of what you saw to get the messages.

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Energy Clearing

I'm able to energy meld with someone else to feel the energy within their body to be able to pinpoint the blockages they have. I psychically remove these blockages so your body feels aligned.


Spiritual Coaching

Helping you find your inner peace in your life journey through conversation channeled from Spirit.

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Oracle Card Message

This is spiritual guidance using an oracle card. This is meant to help you with your spiritual alignment as each card is intended to offer self-growth and reflection opportunities.


This card pull is specifically asking, What do you need to know from spirit?


The Gift

by Vanessa Saldana

In this soulful book, Vanessa Saldana focuses on The Gift of the Dream Medium.


"I am extremely happy with the dream reading with Vanessa. She was able to touch on many things that have been happening in my life with family and friends. She was able to give me reassurance I needed to move on my next path! The night she dreamed for me, I was able to sleep so much better than I had been. I will definitely be recommending to my friends!"

-Wendy F.

"Vanessa gave me clarity not only on what I asked for (my sleep issue), but she was also able to help me realize what was really going on in my relationship. Her abilities led me to some pretty big realizations that gave me relief in how I was showing up in relationships, and my sleep issues. I'm grateful and will go to her again."

-Tim M.

"I got my dream reading with Vanessa. I was thrilled that she came with a proper channeled message which I needed to actually work on. One is being present and second is being fearless. I highly recommend getting a dream reading done with Vanessa and get messages from your spirit guides."

-Komal M.

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